Innovative Entrepreneurship in Education

03 enterprenuership

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Education


Provide students with core business skills and experiences, e.g. marketing, finance, & management that they can use to become entrepreneurs in education. In addition also enable students understand the challenges and opportunities available in the education sector that they could capitalize on to contribute to the social development of their society by coming up with innovative solutions.


Following topics will be discussed tentatively in this course:

  1. Understanding entrepreneurship and its economic impact
  2. HBS case on Khan Academy
  3. Entrepreneurship in Education
  4. Opportunity Recognition & Evaluation
  5. Industry Analysis
  6. Student Presentations on Ideas for Project
  7. Business Plan
  8. Venture Team
  9. Marketing Plan
  10. Case Studies
  11. Financial Plan
  12. Securing Investors
  13. Business Organizations
  14. Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
  15. Project Presentations

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