Pedagogy opressed

Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking


This course is guided by the belief that education is a set of political, economic and cultural relationships that reflect the dominant social arrangements in a society. Issues of power and powerlessness are central to the course as they illuminate how social arrangements are imagined, constructed and challenged. Our focus is the society of Pakistan and how education can play a fundamental role in the transformation of this society. We will also be exploring how education can become the means of conscientization and an essential factor in the development of those communities and individuals in our society that are labeled as the ‘oppressed’, the ‘downtrodden’ and the ‘bechaaray’, and how it can challenge us to conceive the transformation of the oppressed in direct collaboration with those in power.

Another objective of the course is to explore the systems and strategies of learning and teaching, and especially of personal learning and life-long learning, where the learner is seen as a responsible, active citizen who is capable to decide and react freely and collectively. The course will also investigate how to design pedagogies keeping into consideration the diversity of cultural activities and differing ways of learning in various social contexts, and how technology can bring about such a change in our society.



Following topics will be discussed tentatively in this course:

  1. Introduction to Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  2. Freirean concepts: Banking in education, Class analysis/ dynamics of the oppressor and oppressed
  3. Critical theory and Critical Pedagogy
  4. Critical consciousness, identity theory
  5. Liberation theory, Freirean praxis
  6. Multicultural pedagogy, peer learning and assessment; Work in progress on selected projects
  7. Constructivism, socio-constructivism
  8. Dialogic feedback and questioning
  9. Inclusive citizenship, Work in progress on selected projects
  10. Freirean pedagogy and technology -1
  11. Freirean pedagogy and technology -2
  12. Education as the practice to freedom

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