research methadology


Research Methodology



This course includes understanding what research involves and how to manage a sustained piece of study. Communication is clearly an important aspect of research and the course aims to develop the writing, presentation and associated inter-personal skills. The style of the course is necessarily concise but will attempt to blend a mix of theory with examples that guide the application of what is learned.



Following topics will be discussed tentatively in this course:

  1. Introduction to Research and Research Practices
  2. Finding and Reading Related Literature
  3. Doing a Literature Review part 1
  4. Doing a Literature Review part 2
  5. Introduction to Technical Writing
  6. Technical Writing – Research Papers and the MS Thesis
  7. Finding a Research Idea and Taking it Forward
  8. Justifying Your Work to Others
  9. Using tools to write your Thesis (LateX, endnote etc..)
  10. Emails from students about what they have not understood or want to know. Discussion in class.
  11. Technical Presentation Skills
  12. Group Discussion and its Importance
  13. Rules of Academic Discussion, Elevator Pitch and Academic Conferences.
  14. Poster Presentation Session and Course Conclusion.

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