Design of Learning Interfaces



On successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Analyze the user interface requirements
  2. Design Interfaces that assist the user.
  3. Evaluate a design and subsequently redesign.



Following topics will be discussed tentatively in this course:

  1. Introduction to Interfaces and Design
  2. Humans and Computers
  3. The basics of Designing
  4. Design and Usability
  5. Usability and the world wide web
  6. Iteration and Prototyping
  7. Prototyping and Design Patterns
  8. Implementation
  9. Information Visualization
  10. Evaluation Basics
  11. Quantitative Evaluation and Qualitative Evaluation
  12. Designing an Evaluation session
  13. Quantitative Evaluation and Qualitative Evaluation
  14. Result Gathering and Interpreting
  15. Research Topics in UI

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