Role of Technology in Education



On successful completion of this course students will be able to:
  1. To develop an understanding of the different theories of learning and how they form the basis of designing effective Media for teaching.
  2. Introduce students to various technological  innovations that enhance learning experience.
  3. Discover the optimum or best methodologies that need to be adopted in order to integrate the said technologies into a classroom.
  4. Make future teachers and educators aware of the role of technology in learning; and how they can design courses syllabi and modules that include the necessary technologies.


Following topics will be discussed tentatively in this course:
  1. Introduction, Importance and Role of Technologies in Education
  2. Historical Overview of Learning and Technology
  3. Behaviourist Learning Theory & Technology
  4. Cognitivist Learning Theory & Technology
  5. Constructivist Learning Theory & Technology
  6. Online Collaborative Learning (OCL) Theory
  7. OCL Pedagogies in Practice
  8. OCL Cases of Institutional Innovation
  9. Community of Inquiry and Blended Learning
  10. Designing Blended Learning to Create a Community of Inquiry
  11. Design of Interactive Learning Applications & Games

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