Course Codes  Course Title  Credit Hours
Universal Design for Learning 3
Learning through Pedagogy and Technology 3
Psychology of Learning and Cognition 3
Elective-1 3
Semester Total   12


 Course Codes  Course Title  Credit Hours
Role of Technology in Education 3
Design of Games for Learning 3
Research Methodology 2
Design of Learning Interfaces                               3
Elective-2 3
Semester Total   12


 COURSE TITLE  Credit Hours
MS ITE Thesis  6


Elective Courses

 Course Codes  Core Courses  Credit Hours
Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Critical Thinking  3
Innovative Entrepreneurship in Education 3
  • ITE-831
Advanced Topics in Education 3
  • ITE-832
Navigating Pakistan’s Educational Landscape 3
  • ITE-833
Advanced  Topics in Sociology of Education
  • ITE-841
Advanced Topics in Decision Making for Education 3
  • CS-822
Data Mining 3
  • CS-861
Advance Computer Graphics 3

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