arshiaArshia Rehman

I am a graphic designer. After the completion of my bachelors in computer arts, I was in the search of doing something innovative in the field of education. My passion and dream was to bring a positive change in our education system using my skills. ITE provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my dreams .It gives me the freedom to explore and to work with people from diverse fields. ITE is all about innovation, technology and education. I feel proud that I am part of this program. I recommend people to join this chain and to be a part of the change.
abrarAbrar Muhammad Khan

I did my bachelors in computer science. The reason I choose MS ITE program is, I suffered a lot because of educational flaws when I was in school. The best solution for quality education is to embed technology in education, and that is also the need of the 21st century. My plan is to make education, edutainment, and to motivate students towards education, as they are motivated towards cartoons and Games. I want to utilize my experience of computer science in education. My journey is going very well. I thanks to the ITE faculty members for having such jovial manners to all students. My future plans are to develop learning applications that are totally student centered, to get a high motivation level
amna hussainAmna Hussain

Innovative Technologies in Education is the definite subject on which I hope my career will be focused. I have done Bachelors in Computer Science choose this field not only because of my special interest in it but also because of the experience I have attained during my job at the Game Development firm where I got in touch with designing, developing and testing apps/games . I wanted to implement that knowledge in developing educational apps. Within undergraduate years I have gradually developed a vision of myself in future and that is not doing routine and simple jobs. I have joined this program at School Of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) at the National University of Science And Technology (NUST) as it is only program being offered in Pakistan. NUST is one of the top ranked institutes of the country. Admission to NUST is very competitive and thousands of students from all over the country apply for admission each year. My decision to attend NUST has proven to be an excellent choice for me both personally and academically. I have found a field of study that I am passionate about and a subject matter that provides me with challenges and issues that I look forward to solving. I firmly believe that my motivation and devotion has led me this far and will escort me further to an illustrious career in academia.
mariyamMariam Sanaullah

It has always been my dream to make use of technology in serving humanity. I have good technological skills but I did not know the other pedagogical and psychological aspects, which are helpful for developing educational games for learning. This multi disciplinary course has allowed me to gain knowledge of different fields. My goal is to integrate my skills and knowledge to help children in learning without barriers.
riazMuhammad Riaz Khan

The Innovative Technology in Education is a new field and which have different type of doors to open. What are hurdle to faced by new learner and how ITE helps to overcome. Psychological effects to new learner make it convenient. how maximum achievement can be possible.
nawazMuhammad Nawaz

During my Bachelors, I wished to work and research in program, which is combination of Education and Technology. My passion is research in pedagogy and developing educational applications. After that I started job in IT sector, where I got enough experience in the development of professional applications. I was very excited, when I saw ITE’s (Innovative Technologies Education) advertisement on NUST website, because it was the program that I was looking for. I left my job to join this program. My future goals are research in pedagogy, design and develop best educational applications for our new generation. Simply I joined this program because children of Pakistan deserve quality education.
mehdiaMehdia Mehmood

This is my first semester but I am having the most fascinating, academically challenging and also the most enjoyable time of my life. The instructors are enthusiastic and passionate and this is highly motivating; they encourage students to think as Researcher rather than as typical student. I have gained a number of transferable skills such as problem solving, communication and evaluation, which will be fundamental to my career as educationist in sha Allah. My inspiration is one of our faculty, Dr. Ashraf Iqbal. He's simply an amazing person. I am trying to follow his footsteps, and in sha Allah will do my best in field of Education just like him. Alhamdulillah, It's an honor to learn along with such a great blend of brilliant minds from all corners of Pakistan. Love to be 'Little Bittle Star of ITE', Cheers!
maria tauqeerMaria Tauqeer

My journey at ITE-SEECS is going quite extraordinary as I am experiencing and learning new things about how to provide better and innovative solutions to our educational needs. My goal for the future is to make interesting educational applications and games for students.
favatarMisbah Jadoon

MS(ITE) is combination of three different fields that’s why I was interested in it. Identification of problems in education system providing solutions of these identified problems and using role of technology we will try to solve these problems Secondly, it is a multi disciplinary field which connect a researcher to psychology of learning and cognation, educational entrepreneurial, identification and solution of problem in field of education. I shall try my best to identify the problem of education in my hometown, and its solution in the field of education through technology and innovation. Learning arrangement for out of school kids.
favatarMaimoona Muazzam

Education is not very common, from where I belong. Very few schools are present in my village especially for girls. Highest education level is matriculation (for girls). No opportunities are given to them. The main concern of students is to just pass the class without getting knowledge. Teachers are not much capable. They are not aware of any technologies. I wish to make them aware of the importance of technologies in education. My siblings want me to help my village. I believe that by doing MS in this field, I will be able to make better technology based educational system which will be helpful not only for my village but also for my country (In-shah-Allah).
imranMuhammad Imran

MS ITE has broadened my view about change in educational system, initially I thought about overhauling the system but didn't knew how actually this will take place. Now this program is giving me an opportunity to shapeup and contributes to the future educational system of Pakistan. I am looking forward for initiatives in developing learning applications for the school going kids to engage and motivate their learning process, and to provide the opportunity for out of school kids.
favatarNabia Mansoor

It has been a great experience till now; ITE has completely changed my views n goals with regard to my career. being the part of this program, I have identified means through which I can bring a real change and for that Dr. Ashraf had been a great inspiration. I would say that it is all because of him.
nadia tajikNadia Tajik

ITE has given a wonderful platform, a great opportunity to learn and look into our educational problems, addressing them and finding solutions to grease the wheels to gain knowledge. Its versatility of bringing different skills under one roof brought more motivation and determination that we can play a major role in bringing a positive change in educational sector for a prosperous Pakistan.
favatarRamsha Asrar

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step" ITE is not merely another new degree being offered but rather it is a way of life that comes along with commitment, dedication and a self oath to continue taking those little steps everyday for a better, educational Pakistan.
sarah fatimaSarah Fatima Asad

My experience with MS ITE program has been overwhelmingly positive. I feel more determined than ever before about bringing positive change in the education system. This program has provided me with valuable resources and support to help reach new levels of growth. I am thankful for this true inspiration of what can be achieved with determination and commitment.
MenAvatarUmaiz Butt

Journey in SEECS ITE has been a roller coaster ride. Learning ground reality of school conditions to using pedagogical strategies learned in evening classes. ITE is another name of CHANGE. A change to improve education system of Pakistan using not just technology but techniques and methodologies used in teaching. ITE is a one of a kind program where experience meets fresh minds to create wonders. The final goal is to create applications that enable students to think out of the box and train teachers to teach in constructivist way.

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