adnanAdnan Saleem

MS-ITE has given me more than what I signed up for. I have not only learnt new theories and technologies in instructional design but have also out grown my older self with self doubts and limiting believes. I have developed a keen interest in modern curriculum design and after the completion of my degree, I am planning to go back and work for my own people of KPK.
amnaAmna Khan

"I always wanted to play my role in bringing positive change in society. I like helping others. Innovative Technologies in Education is providing me such an opportunity and platform where I can use my brain in its full potential. I feel honoured after joining this program as my thoughts have just been provoked and I can think more clearly in terms of educating our children. My goals are to eradicate child labour by giving them quality and free-of-cost education available any-time and anywhere, promote gender-parity and target oppressed and underprivileged in our society and help them fulfil their ambitions in life. I believe in doing good. And One day I will be a major role player in ending illiteracy in my country and my love Pakistan Inshallah."
asmaAsma Sharif Akhtar

The journey at SEECS, NUST is tremendous. Learning was never so interesting before and was never so engaging. We really learn how to learn and this is because of our faculty. We were engage in many different projects like curriculum designing for school at Orakzai agency, working for hearing impaired children and lots of different stuff overall the experience of ITE is awesome.
aleenaAleena Hassan Qureshi

Joining MS ITE has been the best decision of my life as I have had the honor of being taught and trained by extremely qualified and dedicated faculty; Sir Ali Haider, Mam Manzil Maqsood, Sir Jaudat Mamoon, Dr Salma Siddiqui, Sir Tahir Bashir. Last but definitely not the least, Dr Ashraf Iqbal has been the best mentor one can hope for. This has opened up a world of opportunities for me. My biggest achievement so far has been co-founding a startup, along with 5 other class fellows, named "Inn-Ed". We provide trainings to teachers (K-12 and University) and professionals from mobile applications and game industry. Moreover, I am also serving as Teaching Assistant at Information Technology University of the Punjab. I am also involved in an Adult Speed Literacy Program for the Socio-Economically Marginalized classes under the supervision of Mam Manzil Maqsood, hopefully we can achieve good results from this project and positively alter the educational landscape of Pakistan.
amarAmar Ali Khan

Open books, Open notes and open gadget exams from the knowledge learned through open-minded lectures delivered by openhearted Instructors (we call it instructor not teacher!!) This is all about MS ITE! Moving from strict and rigid environment to conducive and flexible environment of NUST, equipped with fully committed, friendly and cooperative instructors makes it perfect place to stop and excel. From the knowledge gained through this program I aim to work on Psychological aspects of Education in order to enhance the learning opportunities for the students.
aliyaAliya Azam

It's time for educational revolution; hopefully we will take education into new direction that will be more interesting and exciting for our generations.
favatarAmna Shahid

Before joining this program, I merely wanted to achieve good grades but after becoming a part of MS ITE I have started focusing on getting knowledge. I have learnt that it is more important to gain knowledge than to get good grades only.This program has steered me in the right direction which is contibuting towards my country. In this degree program, we start thinking critically on every issue. That means that this degree has changed my perspective not only on the academic level but also in my personal life. After completing this degree, I want to make educational apps that aid kids in grasping the concepts better and make learning fun.
ameerhamzaAmeer Hamza

I have been running an academic business since 2006 but never realized the mistakes I have been doing. My achievement through this program is that my perspective towards education has broadened up and my goal is to create awareness among people that, what actually education is.
aligoharAli Gohar Qazi

Integrate Technology and Curriculum to build a future workforce is the real theme of MS Innovative Technologies in Education. Basically, It is designed to educate and empower underprivileged students. I made my way and got a Job in a well reputed International Organization as an IT Program Officer and currently Also, I am investing my potential in the education system of Pakistan. For future, I have planned to build effective and sustainable educational programs that can drive academic & professional success of students through digital learning.
hirraHira Khan

For me, MS (ITE) is an extraordinary program, which not only helped me to think on a broader spectrum but also made learning interesting. Joining this program was the best decision of my life as it has brought out qualities in me that previously I did not even knew I had.. It has transformed me the way I used to look at things and redefined meaning of education for me. Quality education at low price will bring every one forward and this course has made me believe in it. We will bring that change; Those who think that can’t happen ... THINK AGAIN?
imran haiderImran Haider

This program has introduced me to a new world of opportunities and possibilities. The faculty members played a key role in keeping the spirits high and enabling me to look beyond the obvious. In near future, I am looking to implement my knowledge for the betterment of our educational system. I am planning to establish a startup for providing quality education.
komalKomal Farooq

MS-ITE at NUST has changed my approach to teaching as well as learning. I got a chance to work with an enormously diverse group, yet we shared a passion for redesigning, implementing, and evaluating Pakistan's education system. I got a chance to organize and manage various events under ITE umbrella. I along with few other students are currently running a start up with the name Inn-Ed. recently we have conducted workshops at ITU and LCWU in Lahore. I plan to take our start up to a next level in the near future.
shehzadMalik Shehzad

The journey at SEECS and especially in ITE is an awesome experience. My first ever-Educational degree that has provided me the chance to do "anything of my liking". The inspiration was to be part of the Program that will eventually work for the betterment of Education in Pakistan and help 27 Million out of school children in getting World class Education at very low cost. I belong to Mianwali (under privileged area of Punjab), I have a plan to start an "Educational Institute" in my hometown. Looking forward to help unprivileged society of my place.
manihaManiha Arshad

ITE has been an amazing initiative by NUST SEECS. As education is the foremost necessity of our country, we need to work towards how to widespread education and make it cheap and easily accessible to EVERYONE. I'm happy to be a part of this program. Looking forward to working towards bringing a positive change in our country in the near future inshAllah.
sophiaSophia Sabir

There have been ups and downs in the motivational level uptill now. Motivation plays a major role and I must say credit goes to Dr. Ashraf and Sir Haider for putting up a great effort. At the moment I have got a business idea and I'm working on the plan to acquire funding.
sheezaSheeza Farooq

ITE is what i call a dream come true. i always dream of doing something different, be innovative, go out of the way, but all the other conventional systems does not have the flexibility for my dreams. this is a pure mixture of everything that i wanted to learn and Allhamdulilah i am very much succeeded in getting knowledge that i can put in action for the betterment of my country and InshAllah i am looking forward to opportunities to help me through this mission. We have successfully conducted a training workshop for employees of PITB at ITU and got a very positive feedback and our goal is to increase the learning process and execution of our gained knowledge into something positive.
sanamSanam Ali

My journey of MS ITE at NUST is an incredible one. The analysis of current educational challenges and brainstorming the ideas to cater them is the best experience ever. Doing something to educate the kids was always only the dream for me. This program has given a meaningful direction to my dreams. Now I’m well equipped with the skills, knowledge and innovative solutions to make it happen. I get the chance to work with the kids directly and undertook many projects as well, one of which was based on content development for the PEARL school system of Orakzai agency FATA. Currently, I’m working on the DFID UK aided project “ILM APP” as an instructional designer. In future, my aim is to develop the fast track feasible and affordable solutions to mainstream the out of school children and to impart meaningful learning.
mustafaSyed Mustafa Hassan

Being an engineer, the world is a wondrous place to me. Every day, we achieve remarkable breakthroughs in every branch of science with the help of modern technology. With the advent of Creative Commons (CC) and open source phenomenon, like MIT OCW, NPTEL, Khan Academy, Coursera and a dozen more, the need for, what Dr. Ashraf Iqbal refers to as “brick and mortar” school is eliminated, by principle. Besides, I fail to see the point of sitting behind a desk and writing down everything the teacher has to say (whether it makes sense or not!) and memorizing every formula written in the outdated textbooks, which is readily available on the internet and is just a few clicks away. Needless to say, that we live in the age of innovation. Where a news flash saying “twelve years old kid made a robot” is not a jaw dropping news anymore. In order to awaken THAT kind of innovation, we need to rethink the process through which we make our future engineers, computer scientists, and all students with science majors, in general. I believe that the program of MS Innovative Technologies in Education equipped me with the tools and techniques of becoming an educator worthy of teaching the future generations of this country, who will be much more smarter than we are today, but will also make me a better learner so I could grow with my students and don’t miss out on all the fun of being in a classroom where everyone is a student and a teacher at the same time and at the end of every class, all of us would go home with not just answers but a lot of more questions in our minds.
yasirYasir Mustafa

Ken Robinson said: "Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status." In MS (ITE) teachers do not teach instead motivate students to discover new things by discussions and through experiments more over, questioning is highly encouraged. We've learned that it’s not about answers it’s about asking questions. This program changed the way I thought about education before. We do not focus on learning we just over burdened students and this is really hazardous to mental capabilities and born creativity of student. here, In MS(ITE) the educator highly appreciate the approach known as the Crowd of wisdom which is very important because many are smarter than fewer and it not only help in creating something different but also an effective approach in getting something new and innovative. I learned a lot from this program and it would definitely help me in my professional career as well as in personal life. Thelped to understand the ground realities of Education system and how can we overcome the problems of this system with use of innovative technologies. I must say that all credit goes to NUST SEECS which has played the leading role to innate such an Innovative program first time in Pakistan which has empower us to make our coming generation mentally strong enough to achieve the excellence in their respective fields.currently we as a team from ITE are working on Projects 1."Implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Education/Madrassa of Pakistan" 2."Integrate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a pedagogical framework to teach and support ALL learners in Math and Science concepts of Primary Education in Pakistan".I would like to serve my nation, my beloved country at my level best by improving the Quality of Education through the platform providing by NUST SEECS.AGAIN?

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