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Role of technology in Education

By: Hafsa Shahab and Huma Tamimy (MS-ITE3)

Technology is termed as an effective and efficient approach to assist human being in achieving the means to make life easier. One of the curial questions is that weather this approach would be as effective from educational perspective. In terms of education, technology is termed as technological tools and mediums to contribute in communication of knowledge and the means to enhance its life-long impact. We as a student experience it along our daily life pattern, starting from a bell ring at the beginning of school to the departure time. This might be because of the reason that we are digital natives, we consider integration of digital devices as an essential element of our life, both inside and outside of school premises. With all of this so intrinsic to our experiences, we can use technology to trigger the interest toward in-depth conceptual understanding. Although technology is playing a vital role for expanding the learning beyond linear textual approach, still requires few modifications in order to achieve a new level of engagement, motivation, independent learning, parental involvement, maximum student and teacher connectivity and lifelong learning. The subject of education and technology has been in limelight and a well-debated issue all around the world. We find many individuals discussing upon that “Ed-tech” is the tonic to trigger the thirst of effective learning among our new generation, whereas on other hand few are of the viewpoint that it distract the minds from the real goals and obstacles. Apparently the answer to this conflict between two viewpoints lies in the shades of grey.

Educational technology basically enables the student to go beyond the possibilities in order to explore the solution for the problems that hinder learning capabilities of various individuals within their potential limits. The basic aim should be integration of technology rather than providing supplementary resources. Technologies not only aid learning but also provide space of freedom for learning. In education through technology, student can experience an immersive environment for better conceptualization while learning. Technologies also provide various modes of learning such as blended learning, self paced curriculum, mobile learning, collaborative learning and inquiry based learning. Technology makes the work easier and faster both for students and teachers; it helps them to achieve their goals collectively through mutual effort. As a teacher and a student I personally prefer use of technology to develop a sense of connectivity with others in order to develop an environment collaborative learning environment. For this purpose I mostly use Google doc, Google blog being on same platform we can share our thoughts and knowledge with others and can modify it through instant feedback from others. There are couple of technologies we come across during our educational life; computers, digital software, Internet, digital tablets, mobile phones, digital libraries and many more. Technology carries multiple benefits for example; it makes learning more interactive, stay updated, simultaneously address diversity, access to personal space, develop independence, provision of learning with flexibility and efficiency, offers reliable and accessible means for acquiring information from wherever and whenever needed. Together with it there are few limitations to education technology for example; lack of availability, distractive nature, time consuming and lack of expertise. Technology has also made us less dependent on papers and more on digital mediums, this also make me wonder if we ever run out of paper we do have something to count on. As a conclusion I think technology is to facilitate teachers and not to replace them as Sheryl Nussbaum said “Teacher will not be replaced by technology but teacher who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who use”.


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