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Madrassa Education in 21st Century

As part of the semester project for the course Navigating Pakistan’s Educational Landscape, a bunch of MS-ITE 2 students carried out a meta analysis of current literature on Madrassa studies, based upon the finding of which a 21st century curriculum was planned for Madrassa education.

The aim of this study was to empower Madrassa students with 21st century core skills and competencies, technical knowledge in addition to the basic Islamic curriculum so that they could also participate and become part of the modern society. It also aspires to promote inter-faith harmony; foster multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-lingual environment to curb extremism, radicalization, militancy and sectarian hatred.

It was found that current Madrassa education system only concentrates on the domain of practice and only one approach to knowledge: dogmatic theology. An innovative approach to revive the madrassa curriculum could be to integrate all the three basic approaches to knowledge: dogmatic theology, theoretical Sufism and philosophy in a single curriculum along with student-centred pedagogical approaches that would foster 21st century skills in students and produce dynamic minds beaming with intellectual and philosophical ideas along with spiritually enlightened hearts which would hopefully address the core social, moral and spiritual maladies that have plagued the modern society.

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