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Post Event Report: Right to Play visit

“Play is not a luxury anymore; it is a necessity. Like food, water and shelter are essential for the survival, so as the childhood with proper education and opportunities to interact and actively engage with other children.” – Right to Play

Right to Play, an international NGO, founded in year 2000 by four-time Olympic gold medallist and social entrepreneur Johann Olav Koss, is working in many countries with a vision to include the power of play in transforming lives of children and youth in socially marginalized areas around the world. Through playing sports and games, they teach children essential life skills that will help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease so that they can create better futures and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond. More than 16,400 local volunteer coaches and more that 600 international staff facilitate their programs.

Upon showing interest in visiting SEECS, NUST to inspire young children to pursue higher education in future, an event was organised on Wednesday 10thJune, 2015

A team of 11 children of the age range 12 to 16 years, along with a male and a female coach arrived at SEECS around 10:00 am on Wednesday 10th June, 2015 in the SEECS Seminar Hall. The team of young children had travelled all the way from Mansehra division to Islamabad. It is commendable that children belonged to as far as Balakot region also showed high energy and spirit to visit SEECS, NUST

The aims and objectives of this event were:

• To inspire young children from disadvantaged areas to pursue higher education;
• To discuss the funding opportunities available to pursue higher education
• To demonstrate innovative pedagogies to develop critical thinking and leadership skills in young children especially from marginalized socio- economic areas.
• To identify areas of collaborative projects with Right to play and Department of ITE

The rationale of this event was two-fold. Firstly, it provided a platform where student of NUST, especially from Department of ITE had a chance to interact with young children on the panel of Right to Play so they can listen to their stories of what problems they had faced in pursuing basic needs and how they have managed to overcome the barriers, sometimes in the most unbelievable circumstances. Since the vision of Department of ITE is to bring awareness in society by using technology, social media and innovation, this event was presumed to act as an eye opener to perceive the struggle and achievement of young children in battling poverty, conflict and disease.

Secondly, this event had been a preamble for children from socially deprived areas to see what career opportunities are there for them to pursue in the future.

Following were the activities carried out during the event:

The event started off with the recitation of Holy Quran, followed by a brief introduction to SEECS, NUST, and the courses that are being taught with a special focus on MS ITE program.

Next, the Program Country Director Ms. Shumaila of Right to Play introduced their organization and the children to the audience.

Subsequently, the children from Right to Play demonstrated few interactive activities involving MS ITE faculty and students. The main purpose of these activities was to demonstrate how play could improve life skills such as observation, retention, memory and tolerance.

Moving on, the children were introduced to the “Chotay Scienceddan” project focused on learning through interactive media based on the concepts of gamification and story telling. Tablets loaded with Chotay Scienceddan app were handed out to them where they played an interactive game based on the concept of how bacteria can be useful or harmful to humans.

Towards the end of the program, before lunch, these children were taken to a brief tour to various research labs in SEECS where they observed current research project in progress.



Following are some of the encouraging comments shared by Right to Play children:

“That was my first exposure visit with Right To Play team , it was great learning and enjoyable experience of my life. Now I have a vision about my future studies that how can I study further. “Junior leader from SOS

“It was great experience to visit NUST University Islamabad. I am really amazed to see the commitment’s and achievements of the students their. I really want to thanks Right To Play and NUST Team for providing me such a learning full visit.” Tuba Nayyab

“I really thank all the team members for giving me opportunity to b a part of this charmendious exposure visit. I learnt a lot from NUST team, especially the tablet idea for schools was great.” Fezan Ali

“This exposure visit gave me the idea that how I can be studied in business in this University, I wish I will graduate from NUST university in business.” M. Imran ”

“This type of Exposure visits will help to enhance the understanding of our junior leaders and youths regarding life skills specially leadership and communication skills. By this type of fruitful exposure visit junior leaders also learnt that how they can made themselves more useful in future for their schools and communities.” Kinza Hassan
“This exposure visit was quite fruitful and beneficial for me and my fellows in many ways. First time I see the practical work like Robots, toy cars, and wonderful work on cartoons.” Khizra Bibi


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