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Enhancing Healthy Dietary Habits In Adolesents Through Innovative Technology In Pakistani Community

Enhancing Healthy Dietary Habits In Adolescents Through Innovative Technology In Pakistani Community

By: Aliya Azam

Do you know why all your favorite food items including pizzas, Samosa, Patties, Pani Puri, burgers, French fries, rolls and wraps are called ‘junk food?’ The dictionary meaning of the word ‘junk’ is useless, extra or something that is not needed. Studies have revealed that 52 % of consumers of fast food are young people.

There is a need to reach out this important population group, the future builders of Pakistan. There is dire need of educating students about healthy diet food excessive use of junk food causing many health problems day by day. Adopting different techniques to make them learn which are of student interest will lead to positive learning outcomes; there are a lot of interventions done in schools to make them learn healthy dietary habits which are less interesting for students.

Considering excessive use of games in children we, for the first time in Pakistan, are adopting gamification techniques to make student learn healthy food pattern. To inform students about healthy dietary habits we will use interactive game approach through which they will learn healthy dietary habits. Relevance to Computer-based programs creates multiple mode of engagement including audio, text, simulation and graphics. Therefore, they are becoming an integral part in health promotion and nutrition education programs. Computer-Based Tools (CBT) have also been found effective in disseminating nutrition information.

Building interactive mobile games for adolescents can create awareness about healthy dietary habits through interactive game. The proposed game will enhance adolescents’ knowledge about healthy food that will result in improvement their health and academic achievement.

Making of this application for adolescence will create awareness about healthy dietary habits through interactive game which will be more efficient, and potentially more cost-effective. We aim to develop an application that can help students to easily understand importance of healthy eating patterns and enhance their knowledge about healthy food that will result in improvement in academic achievement of children and adolescents.

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