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Enhancing Knowledge of Maternal Nutrition through Innovative Technology in Pakistani Community

Enhancing Knowledge of Maternal Nutrition through Innovative Technology in Pakistani Community

By:Maniha Arshad

There is a dire need for educating the women nationwide about maternal health and its importance and its impact on the birth of the child and on mother herself [3]. Our project aims to build an application and an animation aiming in providing better understanding of maternal nutrition, its needs and its implications on the mothers’ health as well as the babies. It intends on spreading the knowledge of ways to improve this nutritional imbalance in women among the Pakistani community. Moreover the application will provide them access to easy and understandable information.

The nutritional status of a woman pre- and post-pregnancy (i.e.’ pre- and post-natal) is essential for resulting in a healthy pregnancy outcome. Maternal nutrition imbalance is a significant contributor towards poor fetal growth, low birth weight (LBW) and short and long term infant mortality and morbidity. It can cause long term effects, which may be irreversible and affect cognitive and motor growth and health of the child [1].

In third world countries poor background have been shown that they do not have optimal, but even people from good social status are not aware of the optimal. This adds up and affects the health of the woman during pregnancy and may give rise to complications [2].

Medical interventions are required in order to improve healthy dietary habits and life style in pregnant women. Considering excessive use of technology in everyday life, we are adopting desktop/mobile applications for performing medical intervention in pregnant women eating habits and their life style. The proposed application will improve the knowledge of pregnant women on their healthy eating patterns and life style.

The pregnant women (i.e. sample size: 100 – 200) will be selected for an experimental study. Their knowledge on healthy eating habits and life style will be tested and analyzed through a questionnaire before and after the intervention. The improvement in knowledge of pregnant women on healthy eating habits and life style due to interactive application and animation will then be measured.



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