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Importance of games in education

Importance of games in education

By: Umer Nasim Rammay

Traditional learning is an inefficient solution for education as compared to more active learning style. It doesn’t help students to develop critical thinking skills, and to apply their experience that is developed by reasoning. This style of learning doesn’t develop deep understanding. Traditional classroom learning has several disadvantages. It is just teacher based learning and students are passive participants, the instructor has a long session while students have to sit passively for that period of time. The learners are thoroughly dependent on the instructor. It does not focuses on creativity and experimentation. Moreover, the way of assessment is not quite impressing, and most of learners do not find it challenging and motivational.

On the other hand, an instructor can deliver his ideas in a better way through game based learning Millions of people are enjoying the deep experiences of 3DS. Games are perfect to keep the learners energetic. They find themselves fully involved in with the subject. That’s fantastic and enthusiastic because way of learning no more remains boring but learners find a new challenge at every step. , Games based learning offer insight on ideas and develop better understanding. The most predominant feature is incitement and motivation which develops creativity. They can start work that they actually want to do, and they do it until they are not satisfied with it. Reward is also another very important aspect of game based learning .The learners get reward at the spot and find themselves ready for a new challenge

In short, the need of the day is that we must have such a way of learning that is more motivational, where learners can actively participate in an environment which is free of cramming.

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